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CESL specializes in conducting field investigations and specialty inspections to provide specific corrosion control recommendations on various types of structures, including bridges, oil platforms, distribution pipelines, and more.

Structural Repairs to Trinmar Platform 15

Trinmar Platform Repairs Problem - Trinmar has extensive Offshore Oil Production in the Gulf of Paria in Trinidad and Tobago. Some of these production platforms are over thirty years old and chloride attack has caused extensive rebar corrosion to the pile and pile caps, resulting in spalling of the concrete.

Solution - Cortec's HPRS™ was chosen for repair, which performed very satisfactorily for Trinmar. An extensive repair program for Offshore Platforms was put in place and Cortec's MCI® HPRS™ is specified.

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Godineaux Steel Truss Bridge Restoration

Godineaux Bridge Restoration Problem - Inspection of the 50 year old bridge indicated that the concrete deck had deteriorated and one of the beams was corroded to the point of no longer supporting it. Diagonal members on both the eastern and western sides of the bridge were also badly damaged by high vehicles on separate occasions and needed to be replaced. Some of the main beams and trusses were overstressed by as much as 200%.

Solution - Cortec® Corporation's Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) were used to rehabilitate the concrete bridge deck and High Performance VpCI® Coatings were used for repainting the entire steel structure. With the Godineaux Bridge now restored and improved, its service life should continue far beyond another 50 years.

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