Construction/Industrial/Water Treatment Chemicals

We have the products you need to protect or restore structures and more from corrosion damage.

We are suppliers and applicators of Corrosion Protection and Treatment products to Plant, Equipment, Vehicles and Old and New Concrete Structures.

We supply the following products:

  • Live Line Tool Cleaners and Maintenance Products
  • Cable Pulling Lubricants
  • Absorbents for both water and solid surfaces
  • Heavy Duty Plant-Derived Cleaners and Degreasers
  • High Performance Marine and Industrial Coatings

We are also involved in the oilfield sector, providing quality products and services in many of the areas stated above.

We represent the following companies in the field of corrosion mitigation and construction chemicals and products:

  • Holdtight Solution
    • Mythic Caribbean Non-toxic Paint - Mythic® paint is a non-toxic, ultra low odor paint that provides durability.
  • Cortec Corporation
    • Cortec Corporation - World Leader in Corrosion Protection Solutions Derived from Sustainable Resources
  • Krown Rust Control
    • Krown Rust Control - Solvent-free, Petroleum-based rust inhibitor, Penetrant, Anti-Seize and Lubricant
  • Synco Chemical Corporation
    • Synco Chemical Corporation - Synthetic Lubricants with PTFE
  • Bionetix
    • Bionetix - Waste Management for Industrial, Municipal, Industrial and Institutional products, Agricultural Treatments
  • International Chem-Crete Inc.
    • International Chem-Crete Inc. - Crystalline Waterproofing, Concrete Repair, Sealants, Grouts
  • American Polywater Corporation
    • American Polywater Corporation - The World's Leading Manufacturer of Cable Pulling Lubes, Cleaners, Sealants, and MRO & Construction Chemicals
  • Accessible Technologies
    • Accessible Technologies Inc. - Pow-R-Wrap and Pow-R-Patch Pipeline and Tank Repair
  • Holdtight Solution
    • Holdtight Solutions, Inc. - Salt Remover and Flash Rust Inhibitor – Provides a 96-hr Window after Blasting

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